Civil Resistance Graphics Co-op

Graphics that capture and covey the power of civil resistance are desparately needed. Raised fists, doves and marches are getting very old!

It is a bit tricky—how do you conceptually convey the power of noncooperation? Of standing up and fighting without violence? Of the strike, the boycott, of civil disobedience? Of the 198+ methods of nonviolent resistance that are available to us? Of building institutions and civil society?

My bet is that if we brought graphic designers and artists from around the world together to brainstorm and work together to develop the a new kind of art, this co-op could come up with lots of great art for civil resistance activists and organizers, teachers and writers to use to help move the development of civil resistance along.

My thought is that the artwork could be open-source or free-use or whatever for anyone involved in the development of civil resistance. Any commercial project would be asked to contact the artist and work out a form of compensation accepable to them. And whenever artwork is used, the artist shoud be acknowledged as well as this co-op.

Those are the ground rules we can use to get things started.

We could make a gallery in this site to share the artwork.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, please fill out this form and we can star geting this project moving!


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