A Tool for Activists & Social Movements

Very often, the values, concerns and objectives of the constituent groups we are trying to influence may overlap in ways that activists never take the time to consider and we miss valuable opportunities to broaden our movements.

This leads to action strategies that alienate rather than engage these constituent groups in the process of creating a more just and equitable society.

Strategy Games can help fill this gap in strategy development.

With Strategy Games, activist groups spend a few hours considering the impacts different types of actions (lawful, civil disobedience, humorous and violent) have on different constituent groups (parents, small business owners, police officers, reporters, bureaucratic underlings, “pillars of support” for the disputed issue, etc.).

The objective of this Game is not to “win” but for all participants to maximize their creativity, thoughtfulness, compassion and ability to think from someone else’s perspective so that their actions are more effective.

By developing these skills, your group will have a wider pallet of actions to draw from when you design your campaign and respond to changing circumstances as this campaign progresses.

Strategy Games are:

  • customizable – we can write scenarios and develop roles for the activist and constituent groups based on your particular conflict.
  • easy to set up – ideally, we need at least 30 participants, 3 hours, and a room where the whole group can meet, as well as 9-12 small groups.
  • modifiable – once you understand the format, you can modify the scenario and the roles and create new Strategy Games to look at different nuances of your conflict.
  • expandable – once you learn how to use this tool, you can invite people from the constituent groups you are not reaching to gain new insights into how they view this conflict.
  • replicable – what you learn from using this tool may help other groups facing similar struggles. One goal of this project is to set up a searchable database where activist groups can find scenarios and roles that they can take and modify to fit their situations.
  • affordable – the support and guidance provided by this project are my way of supporting the evolution of social movement effectiveness. There is no fee for this support – if decide you want to financially support the expansion of this project, all donations will be greatly appreciated!

Learn more about the requirements of setting up a Strategy Game for your group on the Strategy Game Basics page.

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